Current SPACE IS AVAILABLE at OKennys Express in Valatie


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 Benefits of ADVERTISING with our mugs:

1. What is the first thing to be brought to the table after the menu ?? 

     - You guessed it the drinks. The mugs are in the customers hands from the first sip, to the last sip as they are getting up          from the table.

2. That ad you paid for on a place-mat where did the waitress put the meals when they came out?

    - That's right, that ad you paid for, the waitress just set the plate over your ad never to be seen again. With our mugs                the ads are in your potential customers face, throughout the meal.

3. Ad space is limited to only 8 businesses, get seen not lost in the jumble of ads. Our ads are bright and vibrant and carry        over the colors that define your business.

4. Connect with other local businesses. Many of our advertisers frequent the diners that their ads are run in. Promotes a       sense of belonging.

5. Our ads run for 6 months at a time, so if your not sure if as ad is right for you the are low cost and low commitment.

6. At the end of the advertising cycle business that are currently advertising will be able to obtain some of the mugs that         were used upon request. You will also have first renewal option at a discounted rate as we will have already designed           your art work files.

GET your Business seen, with our ad space on our mugs - contact us for details

If you are a Diner and interested in free mugs please use the contact us page.